A small review about the modern society

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Modern society or modernity is defined as individuals who are living jointly in the current time. An example of modern society is the current constitutional, sociological, technology and lifestyle. Modern society is often called materialistic, where the people will not produce any goods for their own. Instead of that, they make goods to sell in the market and people will not trust on their own. For example, people will go to the market for groceries rather than doing agriculture and rising animals.

Advantages of a Modern Society

  • It provides a balance between depending on each others.

  • It teaches to cooperation.

  • It sets standards of behaviour for calm living.

  • It teaches mutual effort.

  • It brings in teamwork.

  • It promotes unity.

  • In economic society, it brings down the cost of living. It provides physical and mental comforts.

  • Mutual respect

  • Educating Peers about a common social cause.

  • Retaining culture and traditions.

  • People having potentially equal right and benefits.

  • People having equal opportunity to express their views in an organization.

  • Better income opportunity.

  • Channelizing resources to the needy people.

Characteristics of Modern Society

  • Job Assignment: These groups are a centre of industrial and economic organizations. The workplace of this group of companies is based in this society and it is suitable for better prospectus.

  • Earning opportunities: These are activities performed by individuals for the purpose of generating income. This can consist of businesses such as industries and commercial activities.

  • Modes of communication: Advanced sources of communication like telephone, internet, mobile phone, fax, cable are used while communicating with each other.

  • Freedom of movement: Due to academic advancement, industrialization, economic and employment opportunities and numerous ways and means of social mobility exist among people. People often change their profession, jobs, and place of residences.

  • Advance skill and industry: This is also known as a well merged society with latest industrial and high tech system.

  • Social structure: Individuals are divided into different social strata established on their socio economic back group. This can be divided into skilled and unskilled labourers based on the expertise of the respective work categories

  • High population size: Abundance of employment opportunities and better income has driven more and more population into the cities.

  • Urbanization: A group of society, city and suburban areas are well-known for satisfying the residential requirements of the people providing better infrastructure, transportation and communication modes. This leads to a better standard of living.

  • Modern facilities: Modern urban facilities like telephone, internet, cable, mobile phone, gas, electricity, airports, railways, road networks, big commercial hubs, hospital, school, colleges and universities are easily accessible.

  • Social status of women: Women are having the high standard of living into society. They enjoy equal privileges with men in the fields of education and employment. They are also getting the equal importance and decision making and resource sharing.

  • Crime rate: The crime rate increasing day by day and many people involving in murder, theft, dacoit, robbery, rape happens many times in a day.